EMC measurements du ring development

LiftJournal (February 2023)

SCHAEFER has been running an EMC Com­petence Centre at its own technology and development location in Erfurt since 2015. The company has now also begun offering EMC measurements during development for third parties since the beginning of 2023.  ...


PREDMA - Predictive Maintenance by SCHAEFER

LiftJournal (November 2022)
In predictive maintenance, additional data are  acquired that are supposed to facilitate conclusion about the current state of wear. This makes it possible to take decisions an replace­ment or maintenance requirements based an the current status. The evaluation involved is not tri­vial and demands profound domain knowledge. The lift digitolisotion associated with pre­dictive maintenance (...)

Too little, too late and to expensive...

Liftjournal (June 2022)
Two topics now dominate many discussions: the raw material/material shortage and price increases. LIFTjournal interviewed the deputy chairman of the VFA-Interlift and managing director of the Schaefer Group, Michael Gubisch, about this.

ENTREVISTA - José Luis Casanova, Gerente de SCHAEFER GmbH en España

Ascensores y Montacargas, Ed. 108 / 2022

Why the dual sense emergency call can do more

Liftjournal (Edition 2.2022, April/2022).
The companies Bosch Service Solutions, Elfin Technology and Schaefer have developed a solution as part of a joint venture with which an existing audio emergency call device can be retrofitted as a new dual sense emergency call device.
This does not require replacing the previous emergency call device. Lifts can be configured to be more barrier-free with the dual sense emergency call device. Apart from hearing, vision is also employed via the display in the car, in line with the dual sense principle. This is of particular benefit to people with impaired hearing. But there are even more advantages. (...)


SCHAEFER academy and UV-C cabin air disinfection

Liftjournal (Edition 4.2021, 10.08.2021).
Due to the Corona-related postponements and cancellations of trade fairs and other in-person events, SCHAEFER has created the format of the SCHAEFER academy in order to be able to offer webinars, courses and product presentations digitally.

It kicked off on 4 May with a webinar about "Hygiene in lifts". This was followed by events on the subject of "Accessibility and vandalism (EN 81-70 / EN 81-71)", the "SCHAEFER Webshop - shop4lifts.com" including presentation of the fixture series AURORA and the basics course "The 1x1 of lift buttons". The final webinar dealt with (...)

SCHAEFER donates to the food bank during campaign week

Schwäbische Zeitung, 03.11.2021
The SCHAEFER company has called for a donation campaign for the German Red Cross food bank in the Sigmaringen district as part of the nationwide campaign week "Poverty threatens everyone". (...) "You don't have to look far to provide help," was the motto. Many of the approximately 200 employees at the Laiz site responded to the Managing Director's call. In the end, an entire van load of durable food, hygiene articles, furniture, clothing and toys was donated. Why donate? "Because it's a good feeling that the children's bike is definitely going to the right place and thus benefiting someone in need in our region," says Waleri Jabs, Sales Coordinator at SCHAEFER and one of the donors. (...)


CANopen for Lifts

Liftjournal (Edition 6/2020, 11.12.2020).

CANopen is an open communication stan-dard, which is now supported by many lift components. The uniform application 
­profile­for­lifts­permits­integrating­com-ponents of different manufacturers into lifts,­simply­plug­and­play,­directly­on­the­­building­site. Compared to conventional wiring, only a few wires are needed for CANopen. Other advantages are individual configuration, easy expandability of the system and simplified diagnostics and fault correction in the event of malfunctions. So­called nodes function in each fixture as interface between the installation ele­ments and terminal box or controller.(...)

Improved hygiene and barrier-free access 

through contact-free operation of elevators via smartphone
ELEVATEafrica (Edition: November 2020)

Contactless lift operation via smartphone

Liftjournal (Edition 03/2020, 19.06.2020).

Not just during the current COVID-19 panemic, but also in the time thereafter, everyday sensitivity about hygiene will­ undoubtedly increase. The focus here will also be an lifts. According to a current publication in the Journal of Hospital lnfection, Corona viruses can survive an meta/ and glass surfaces for up to nine days. Other pathogens can even survive over 28 days. Ver y busy lifts transport thousands of people in a few days. An innovation of the lift component and con­trol panel manufacture r Schaefer is currently unexpectedly topical. The Liftboy, a solution for operating lifts with smartphones. (...)

SCHAEFER buys Wallraff Lifttechnik

Liftjournal (Edition 03/2020, 19.06.2020).

Schaefer GmbH, headquartered in Sigmaringen (BW), has tahen over the company Wallraff Lifttechnih from Neuss on April 1, 2020 aper many years of cooperation. 
Schaefer has been developing, producing and selling operating and display elements as well as solutions for the global lift industry for over 55 years. As a central sales partner, many national and international prestige objects have already been equipped with Wallraff Lichttechnik pro­ducts in the post, Schaefer reports.  (...)

Lift Symposium

First Lift Symposium in Johannesburg
Liftjournal (Edition 02/2020)

South Africa is an important gateway for Africa. In 2020 new standards for the lift industry will be introduced, the real estate market is lucrative and continues to grow. Already last year, SCHAEFER intensified its presence on the African continent within the framework of the BuildExpo and the GLE Expo. Following on from this, SCHAEFER invited to the first Lift Symposium in Johannesburg on March 6, 2020.
The German hydraulic components manufacturer Algi was won as partner and co-organizer.


interift 2019

SCHAEFER presents innovations at interlift 2019
Liftjournal (Edition 06.2019, 04.12.2019).

Given its international importance and attraction, the interlift is also the most important trade fair in SCHAEFER´s calendar. Consequently, many innovations were again presented at its modern and redesigned booth.

"Endless Solutions - from Basic to Unique" was SCHAEFER´s motto in presenting the wide range of its products, from price-sensitive commodity projects to highly specialised tailor-made solutions.(...)

bvik Tour of the interlift fair 2019

Trade fair communication from the marketing perspective

Premiere! For the first time, a tour of the bvik trade fair took place in Augsburg, the headquarters of the bvik office. With the interlift, the world's leading trade fair for lift technology was on the event calendar. (...)


Versatile generation of push-buttons, especially for modernization tasks

Schaefer has supplemented four switch and display styles with new versions. The elements referred to by the brief, inconspicuous name affix “MOD” are genuine multi-talents. The new “MOD” versions all have a large screw terminal and are optionally available as 6V and multi-voltage versions (12-120 V DC / 30-120 V AC) – i.e. with expanded voltage range. As a result, they are above all suitable for unproblematic exchange in service operation and for use in modernisation. (...)



Launch of SCHAEFER Webshop

Operating and display elements from SCHAEFER are used all over the world and are characterized by their wide range of variants, high quality and appealing design, and you are in good hands with SCHAEFER for special solutions. For many commodity projects, however, the focus is not on the high level of customizability of the products but on inexpensive standard solutions and short delivery times. In order to expand its range and service in this area, SCHAEFER has opened its own logistics center for a SCHAEFER webshop at a new location in Erfurt.

Corporate wear

Students develop clothing collection for SCHAEFER

Students from Albstadt-Sigmaringen University recently presented the results of their industrial project. In cooperation with the Albstadt textile refiner "Lutz Textil", the students of textile and clothing technology developed a workwear collection for the company Schaefer from Sigmaringen-Laiz.(...)

Class 3+

Twice as robust as required by EN 81-71 class 2

Special attention must be paid to the control and display elements in the vandal-resistant design of an elevator system. They are often the most likely to discharge the user's anger, impatience, haste, exuberance, dissatisfaction, display behaviour and aggressiveness. The requirements of EN 81-71 Class 2 are often not sufficient. (...)

Industry 4.0

Federal Minister Bareiß visits SCHAEFER

With 200 employees in Sigmaringen alone, the Schaefer company produces elevator operating elements in particular. Networked working in the course of industry 4.0 is currently a major topic. The plant manager talks about the approach and challenges at the site visit, because a hacker attack in particular has demanded IT. (...)

Project of the year

Elevator world, 2016

... Schaefer was chosen due to the robustness of its RB 42 option and their willingness to customize their options for our design requirements.The glass for the car station was back painted a pure white and cut for the alarm button, key switch and stop switch. Schaefer was able to accommodate a wider layout of the car station for our logo, and the glass touch buttons and additional components were placed for a simple and elegant result.
Attachment of the car station to the car glass panel was accomplished with a stainless-steel plate to which the car-station back box was affixed. The car-station glass faceplate would protrude in an adjustable manner to be flush with the front of the car glass panel. (...)

Glass fixtures

XL Sensor button RB 50

Glass offers many advantages in elevator construction. The smooth and hard surface is heat-resistant, transparent, hygienic and resistant to chemicals. It also offers a wide range of design options thanks to modern digital printing processes. 
The new SCHAEFER large-area sensor push-button RB 50 offers more flexibility and scope for design of glass panels on a surface of 50 x 50 mm. The Rainbow Button 50 is a non-contact push button for installation behind insulating materials such as glass, acrylic, etc. (...) 


SCHAEFER in South America

Schaefer, nacida hace 50 años en la ciudad de Sigmaringen, estado federado  de Baden-Wurtemberg, tiene hoy 250 em-pleados en el mundo en sus 6 sucursales, la última inaugu-rada en la ciudad canadiense de Vancouver. Suministran su material a 120 países. Sus representantes de venta  hablan 19 idiomas. Todo lo expresado la ha ha convertido en una Global Player y líder tecnológico  establecido en la cima.  La empresa, que considera en primer término las relaciones humanas inter empresarias como el motor de su excelente desarrollo   hace hincapié en la  cercanía al cliente y la fuerza innovadora como un proceso de pensamiento y actuación vivo y activo.