for Virtual Reality at SCHAEFER

  • Product presentation and decision support for the consulting at the end customer
  • Medium for presentation at trade fairs / in-house exhibitions
  • Virtual fairs and virtual symposia
  • Reality can be experienced virtually. Make exhibition stand, showroom or the company digitally accessible.
  • Digital product presentations


Standalone VR-Headsets

VR glasses with integrated processor, displays, battery and internal memory. Neither a smartphone nor a PC is required. Content can be loaded onto the glasses via WLAN or USB.


  • Reliable, because everything is compatible with each other
  • Ready to go
  • Highest display quality

Example: Oculus Go, Oculus Quest

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VR headsets with Smartphone as screen

© NewFabrika - Adobe Stock/fotolia

Cheapest version to enter the 3D world. A smartphone is also required, which is inserted into the glasses. The smartphone takes over the computing power and the display of the 3D content. The lenses built into the glasses ensure that the right and left eye only see the content intended for them on the display. The display quality depends largely on the smartphone used.


  • Low-cost variant for getting started with VR

Example: Google Cardboard and other models made of cardboard or plastic

Other mobile devices and desktop computers

The content can also be viewed and explored 360° on desktop computers, notebooks, tablets or smartphones without VR glasses. However, the realistic impression of actually being in the middle of an elevator car is not gib.

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Material selection

Example of visualization of granite stone fixtures. Please click on the picture to explore the elevator.

Glass designs

Example for visualization of glass layouts. Please click on the picture to explore the elevator.

Exhibition stand

Please click on the picture to explore the stand

Customer projects

Example customer visualization for an in-house exhibition.

Example customer visualization for presentation to end customers



You need your own individual VR content?

Please feel free to contact us.
Together we will discuss your individual solution.


We want your customers to be enthusiastic.
We would like to support you in achieving this.

Visualizations of elevator cabins and fixtures

You need individual VR content? Come to us. Together we will discuss the possibilities and develop your individual solution.

  • We create elevator visualizations for high-quality solutions from our UNIQUE segment.
  • Visualization of high-quality materials to illustrate the effect in interaction with other design elements (architecture, cabin design, ...)
  • Demonstration of glass and TFT designs and design variants.
  • Demonstration of lighting effects.
  • Presentation of material and equipment alternatives.
  • Provision of additional information on products, solutions and designs.