Innovation technology from southern Germany brings
Ak Saray's elevators for radiance

As one of the most unique state palaces in the world, the Ak Saray Palace rises into the sky of Ankara and decisively changed the image of the city. It is intended to establish itself internationally as Turkey's landmark and to reflect and represent the country. For this reason, quality was a priority when furnishing the more than 1000 rooms. This of course continues with the installed elevator systems. Known in the industry for innovation and quality, SCHAEFER GmbH was chosen to equip the elevators.


Presidential palace Ak Saray


Glass elevators


Inside glass elevator

Ak Saray - The White Palace

The office of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is located on 200,000 m² of land at BeŞtepe, the site of Atatürk's forest farm. The palace consists of several wings, including a main building and two other wings for meetings with heads of state and dignitaries from other countries. In addition the palace calls its own mosque, a separate guest house and a congress center as well as numerous parks and gardens its own. While the outward appearance is characterised by clear dimensions, the palace enchants on the inside with Ottoman and Seljuk motifs as the basic pattern for the numerous decorations.

The palace with its ceilings up to five metres high was designed by the internationally renowned architect Sefik Birkiye. Born and raised in Ankara, Birkiye finally completed his studies in Brussels, Belgium. In 1979 he founded the "Vizzion Architects", the later "Vizzion Europe", an internationally active team of architects who have designed and accompanied numerous projects within Europe to this day.

Quality down to the smallest detail

SCHAEFER supplied a total of 62 fixtures for the construction of the white palace, and 3 elevators were installed in the adjacent mosque. The elevators in the palace are characterized by their high speed and cabin heights of up to three meters.

Lift Information Systems (LIS) with a size of 17 inches were installed. SCHAEFER LIS are multifunctional, visual communication and guidance systems. With your help, information can be provided easily and comprehensibly before and during the journey. The design is customer-specific. 

In addition, TFT 800 displays, elliptical EB 42 and round RT 42 buttons were installed. For access control the SCHAEFER panels also contain the electronic key switch EKS 42 VPs. A special feature of this system is the vandal-proof design with protection against water and dust. The system is installed without a front panel opening and can be marked on the front as required. Despite being mounted on the rear side, this electronic key switch can be operated without any interference of any kind.

The secret stars of the Ak Saray are the floor-to-ceiling car operation panels in the VIP elevators. They are TiN-coated special designs, with a height of up to three metres. The TiN coating gives them a typical golden colour and is characterised by special hardness and durability.

SCHAEFER also installed fingerprint systems (FPS) and supplied the loudspeaker-microphone combinations (LMKs). Whereas previously only the languages English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German were possible, the announcements for the palace were translated and spoken into Turkish. They are now also available for further projects in Turkey.


TiN COP with RT 42


TiN COP with EB 42


TiN LOP with RT 42



Global Player from Southern Germany

Established in the industry as an innovation and technology leader, SCHAEFER GmbH has distinguished itself for more than 50 years through extraordinary quality, customer service and product diversity. Always aiming for the optimum, SCHAEFER products are still manufactured in Sigmaringen, Southern Germany, and have a worldwide presence. SCHAEFER relies on a dynamic, international network and has thus established itself as a global player in the elevator industry. From a single push-button to a complete panel, from a standard version to an individual solution, almost everything is possible thanks to SCHAEFER's extraordinary flexibility. Due to SCHAEFER's goal of individual customer service and a high standard of quality, the company is able to realize worldwide, prestigious projects such as Ak Saray.