We combine various interactive online formats under the SCHAEFER academy. These range from online training courses, virtual trade fairs and product launches to our new webinar series in which we deal with new current topics in the form of a short presentation followed by an interactive question and answer session every month.


Interactive online events on current topics with the opportunity to ask our experts questions directly.

Online fairs

Virtual and interactive trade fair format & showroom with presentation of our product portfolio and new products. 


In-depth sessions on configuration, installation, wiring and software.


Special materials for fixtures

In this event, we will give you a brief overview of the various special materials that can be used for the design of your tableaus and what needs to be taken into account here.
- Glass
- stone
- special metal finishes
- Surface finishes
- functional surfaces
Speaker: Frank Saalmüller
Date: follows


Overview and video recordings of the events already held.

Hygiene in the elevator

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, the topic of lifts and hygiene and the avoidance of infection risks is on everyone's lips. But even apart from this, installations e.g. in hospitals, medical centres and old people's homes are subject to fundamentally increased requirements. In our webinar, we will give you a brief overview of the possible measures and present you with concrete solutions.
- Germ load reducing materials
- Disinfection columns
- UV-C cabin air purification
- Foot switch
- Contactless lift operation
- Elevator operation via smartphone

Introduction to the SCHAEFER Webshop- Shop4Lifts.com

We will guide you through our webshop together. We will introduce you to the functions and give you an overview of the product ranges on offer. What are the differences and advantages of buying via the webshop compared to ordering directly from SCHAEFER, e.g. via the ordering software WS-Tab or the sales department. What additional possibilities are there for cooperation via Webshop? How can I, as a component manufacturer, have my products included in the web shop and benefit from the existing logistics? And which products does SCHAEFER sell exclusively via the webshop?
In addition: 
- Presentation of the Aurora tableau series

Requirements from the EN 81-70:2018-07 (accessibility) and EN 81-71 (protection against vandalism) lift standards.

EN 81-70:2018-07 results in a number of new requirements that must be taken into account in the design of control panels. For example, the contrast values / light reflection values (LRV) now required should ensure that lifts can also be found and operated easily by users with impaired vision. In this webinar, we would like to show you what needs to be taken into account, how different material and colour combinations affect the LRV and which recommendations can be derived from this, as well as other requirements from EN 81-70. In addition, we will show you which requirements arise from EN 81-71 with regard to protection against vandalism. 

1x1 of lift buttons

Acknowledgement, connection, 3-wire vs. 4-wire technology, protection classes, remotely operated pushbuttons, important standards (EN, UL), sensor pushbuttons, design options, installation variants, mounting and dismounting tools. What is behind the SCHAEFER product key? You will learn this and much more in this basic training course on the subject of lift pushbuttons.

Fire fighter lifts

In this webinar we will deal with fire brigade lifts. In addition to the requirements arising from the EN 81-72 lift standard, the requirements of the respective local fire brigade, some of which deviate from the standard, must also be taken into account.

SCHAEFER Configurator Software

With the SCHAEFER Configurator, a large number of SCHAEFER components can be configured in a central software and TFT layouts can be created. We will introduce you to the software interface and guide you through the processing steps and functions. We will also show you how to transfer your configuration or layout to the respective component / display.

CANopen for elevators

Overview and advantages of CANopen Lift CiA 417. We will introduce you to the CANopen portfolio of SCHAEFER and discuss different CANopen topologies. 

Lift displays series - MediaTFT flex from 10.1 to 38". Overview from planning to implementation.

The (Touch) MediaTFT flex V2.0 is extremely versatile. This opens up completely new and creative possibilities for display design and visualisation of lift data. The configuration is done via a web-based configuration tool (Flexypage). We will show you what needs to be considered when using this TFT series and give you an overview of what is possible. It doesn't matter whether it is only used as an advertising and information platform or as a fully-fledged lift panel with touchscreen operation, right up to the realisation of a hearing-impaired and foreign-language emergency call as a visual communication interface to the emergency call control centre. The MediaTFT flex series starts at 10.1" and covers all common sizes up to a 38" panorama display. Thanks to CANopen compatibility, even sensor data provided via the bus can be processed and visualised.

Access control for elevators - transponder-based solutions & electronic key switches

We provide an overview of access control solutions for elevators. We introduce you to the EKS and EKS-Mega systems and deal with questions such as:  What transponder types are there and how do they differ? How can new transponders be saved and deleted again? How can individual access authorizations be assigned for the individual floors? And what should be considered during installation? In the subsequent Q&A session, we will address your individual questions.


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  5. You do not need a camera or microphone to participate. Two options are available for the audio connection. Firstly, you can output the sound via your computer as normal (standard) and secondly, you can dial in via telephone. You will receive the necessary telephone number and pin with the registration confirmation e-mail.
  6. Our chat will be active throughout the event. You can write comments and questions here. We will try to answer your questions in the chat during the presentation. There is always a short Q&A session after the presentations or training sessions in which we answer selected or frequently asked questions again for everyone or discuss them in more detail. If it is not possible to answer your questions during the event, we will make the answers available to you afterwards.
  7. We want to involve you during the event and will ask for your feedback in short surveys.
  8. One day after the event, you will receive an e-mail from us with a link to the video recording and access to further documents or information material.