We offer excellent job positions and apprentice training. Good conditions for proving professional competence or for starting with a first class apprenticeship to kick off a career. 

Our claim is “demand and encourage”. For example we wish for dedication, and that is what our 300 employees show.


Among other things this means unfolding personal potential, advanced training or training of employees with a maybe different professional background.

Apropos “learning”: Internships or work placements are also available, either for pupils or as a co-op university program.

Coming together is a beginning,
Staying together is progress,
working together is a success.

Henry Ford


Softwareentwickler / Applikationsentwicklung (m/w/d) 

Ihre Aufgaben:

Sie sind Teil eines weitgehend selbststĂ€ndigen Teams, welches sich verantwortlich fĂŒr die Programmierung und Weiterentwicklung unseres Produktkonfigurators Interact3D zeigt. Diese Software dient der Datenerzeugung fĂŒr unsere Auftragsabwicklungs- (z. B. Planung individueller Bedien- und AnzeigegerĂ€ten, Einzelkomponentenbestellung) und Fertigungsprozesse (z.B. Maschinenfertigungsdaten). 

IT - Fachinformatiker fĂŒr Systemintegration (m/w/d)/W/D)

Ihre Aufgaben:

- Bereitstellung von First- und Second-Level-Support sowie AnwenderunterstĂŒtzung
- Auf- und Abbau von IT-PeripheriegerÀten
- Proaktive Identifizierung und Behebung von Störungen, ggf. in Zusammenarbeit mit Drittdienstleistern oder Service-Partnern
- Administration & Monitoring unserer Systeme
- Implementierung und Überwachung von IT-Security-Maßnahmen, einschließlich Firewall, Virenschutz und Datensicherungsmaßnahmen
- Mitarbeit bei IT-Projekten und kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung und Dokumentation unserer technischen Infrastruktur und Systemlandschaft
- Gelegentliche Dienstreisen zu unseren Standorten (ES, IT, CA), an denen TĂ€tigkeiten nicht via Remote erfolgen können

for our branch  Mailand 

Impiegato/a tecnico commerciale per l'elaborazione di ordini e offerte / Responsabile del conto (m/f/d)

Campo di attivitĂ :

Orientata al cliente e con una visione aziendale, la risorsa si farĂ  carico della cura di una clientela consolidata e di nuovi clienti in Italia e all'estero. Il suo ambito operativo riguarderĂ  l'elaborazione tecnica e commerciale di offerte ed ordini; dalla predisposizione e tracciabilitĂ  delle offerte fino alla conclusione del contratto. GestirĂ  le trattative sui prezzi e le condizioni e chiarirĂ  la disponibilitĂ  dei prodotti e i tempi di consegna.

Not the right
position for you?

We accept proactive applications at any time
because committed employees belong to SCHAEFER.   


Our Benefits For You

Profit from our wide range of services

  • Your ïŹ‚exible working hours

    We devote 40 hours a week to our tasks and projects. In order to respond ïŹ‚exibly to the needs of our employees, we also offer the possibility of working part-time. In most areas, our employees work ïŹ‚exitime.

  • Homeoffice

    In order to better combine family and career, to give ideas space or to work something out in peace - depending on your personal situation and function, we offer you the opportunity to work from home.

  • Our canteen

    In our canteen in Sigmaringen, we offer freshly cooked meals at reduced prices every day. You can choose between two dishes every day. Quality and freshness are a prerequi-site for us.

  • Our food allowances

    The health of our employees is important to us - that‘s why we provide water „for free“. Soft drinks and coffee are available for a small fee.

  • Our company pension plan

    Of course, we also take care of your future! We offer lifeti-me working time accounts and direct insurance.

  • Accessibility

    We offer accessibility in most areas.

  • Our health measures

    We promote a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. We cooperate with the local gym to offer our employees discounted rates. In addition, our company health management team offers an annual program in which our employees can participate free of charge. After a long period of illness, we offer a company integration management program.

  • Our company doctor

    Our company doctor provides us with advice and support in the areas of health and ergonomics.

  • Your induction

    When you start your new job with us, we will not only provide you with a mentor, but also a comprehensive inducti-on plan, which can extend over several months depending on requirements. This will allow you to get to know our product, our processes and structures and, of course, your new colleagues in no time at all.

  • Electric mobility

    We promote electric mobility by providing electric charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes. To keep our employees healthy, we offer the opportunity to participate in a company bike scheme under certain conditions.

  • Transport accessibility

    The nearest bus stop is directly in front of our factory gate. From there you can go to Laiz, the Sigmaringer city centre or to the railway station.

  • Your equipment

    If required, we equip our employees with the necessary equipment such as laptops, tablets or company mobile phones.

  • Our employee participation

    Depending on the success of the company, an annual proïŹt-sharing bonus is paid out to employees. We also offer group bonuses and personal performance bonuses depending on function and area.

  • Our employee events

    Our summer parties are usually held under a sporty motto, while our Christmas parties are usually wintery and full of atmosphere. Let our internal Orga team surprise you every year anew.

  • Your holiday entitlement

    There is an annual holiday entitlement of 30 working days. In addition, special leave is granted for special family events such as weddings or the birth of a child. If they have been with the company for 25 years, our employees receive an additional paid holiday day.

  • Your opportunities for further training and development

    Every week, internal training courses on a wide variety of topics are held by employees for employees. In addition, we ask you to describe your development concepts and wishes. Together, we will shape the realization of your pro-fessional dreams.

  • Pleasant working atmosphere

    Our company building is modern and brightly designed. The interplay of glass and natural wood offers a warm and transparent atmosphere. During the break, our employees can use our cafeteria, our inner courtyard, which is equipped with a water lily pond and park benches, as well as our lounge with various seating areas for socializing or as a retreat.

  • Your fare

    A special bonus for employees whose place of residence is further away is our fare allowance from the 10th kilometre onwards.

  • Our suggestion system for improvement

    We are always striving to become better and to grow beyond ourselves. We have therefore developed a process in which we incorporate the ideas and suggestions of our employees. Good suggestions are also rewarded with a bonus.




No matter if your interests and skills are more on the commercial or on the technical side – one thing is sure: A training with SCHAEFER is always a good basis for a career start.









Industrial clerk

You would like to complete an apprenticeship in an industrial company? You are more interested in the commercial side of things than the technical side. Then we are the perfect training company for you. Go through everything you need to know about the profession of industrial clerk in our company. During your training you will get to know all commercial departments.

Process mechanic for plastics and Rubber technology

You enjoy the craft, you want to learn something special. We offer you the colourful canary bird you are looking for. Learn the profession of a process mechanic on our modern machines. We offer you the perfect conditions for your apprenticeship in our production and our tool shop.

Metal cutting mechanic

You want to train as a specialist for metal and plastics processing on state-of-the-art machines? Our in-house tool shop offers you the framework you need. Our master craftsmen and specialists in toolmaking will show you everything you need to know from the ground up.

Electronics technician for devices and systems

You wonder how the world of tomorrow will work? Let's be honest, in the future there will be an electronic part hidden in every object of daily use. If you want to help shape the future, do an apprenticeship as an electronic engineer for devices and systems at SCHAEFER GmbH. In our product development, with our technical specialists and in our production you will learn everything about the craft of the electronic technician for devices and systems.

Fachinformatiker fĂŒr Systemintegration (m/w/d)

Fachinformatiker/innen der Fachrichtung Systemintegration realisieren kundenspezifische Informations- und Kommunikationslösungen. HierfĂŒr vernetzt Du Hard- und Softwarekomponenten zu komplexen Systemen.  Du baust diese Systeme auf, vernetzt sie und nimmst sie in Betrieb. Du erstellst Systemdokumentationen und fĂŒhrst Schulungen fĂŒr die Benutzer durch. Im laufenden Betrieb gehört die Wartung und Pflegen der Systeme und die Anpassung an verĂ€nderte Anforderungen ebenfalls zu den Aufgaben eines Fachinformatikers fĂŒr Systemintegration.



  • Silja Top (dual study BWL-International Business)

    "I am doing a dual course of study (Business Administration-International Business) at SCHAEFER GmbH. The change between theory and practice always offers a change between studying and working, which I like very much. At SCHAEFER, I can get to know every department during my practical phases and also actively participate in day-to-day business there. I think it is particularly good that SCHAEFER offers me the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in one of the branches."

  • Marvin Haslauer (Training as industrial clerk)

    "I like the apprenticeship as an industrial clerk because I get the opportunity to gain experience in various commercial areas and to work actively myself. I find the daily use of our ERP system and other programs for electronic data processing particularly exciting".

  • Marco Wolf (Training as industrial clerk)

    "I like the training as an industrial clerk at SCHAEFER GmbH because we trainees have the opportunity to spend part of our training in every commercial department. This gives us a holistic insight into the processes of an industrial company and an understanding of the relationships between the individual departments".

  • Lara Duyar (Training as industrial clerk)

    "I'm learning the profession of industrial clerk. I gain insights into various departments such as purchasing, sales and marketing. The job is very varied and fun."

  • Celine Poyatos Requena (dual study BWL-International Business)

    "At SCHAEFER I like the fact that I can apply what I have learnt from my studies in the world of work, take on responsibility and already complete tasks independently. I also like the fact that SCHAEFER offers me the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of the subsidiaries."




Our branches in Sigmaringen, Erfurt, Milan, Barcelona, Vancouver and Shanghai actively cooperate with universities in their area. We have interesting and practical research topics to offer from all areas, which can be worked on in the context of Bachelor's, Master's or diploma theses or in the context of internships or working students. Simply send us an unsolicited application stating your interests or areas of specialization by e-mail to

Dual study
BWL - International Business

Bachelor- / Master- /
diploma theses















Currently we have topics
for the following areas:

Product management
Contact person: Klaus Trumpa,

Contact person: Dirk Lauterwasser,

Technology development
Contact person: Marcus von Roda,

Product development
Contact person: JĂŒrgen Egger,

Quality management
Contact person: Andreas Stumpp,

Human resources
Contact person: Barbara.Knobloch,


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