The current COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the relevance of the issue of hygiene, even in previously underestimated risk areas such as the lift. A holistic crisis management must also deal with the avoidance of transmission paths in and around the lift. This must start at the very beginning of the process chain, with the product design (of the lift and the lift components).

The hygiene of lift systems can be significantly influenced by the design, the choice of materials and components, as well as organisational and technical measures. For this purpose, SCHAEFER develops criteria and test procedures for the evaluation as well as environment- and application-specific selection of suitable measures and for the verification of their effectiveness. 



Cabin air

By treating, improving and disinfecting the cabin air with special air sterilisers, unwanted microorganisms, viruses, germs, yeasts and spores are destroyed. 
In addition, the air exchange in the cabin can be improved by keeping the doors open for longer periods.

Contact surfaces in the lift

Cleaning and disinfecting contact surfaces in the cabin provides optimal protection against the spread of viruses and bacteria. An optimised design of the potential contact surfaces (especially control panels, buttons and handrails) taking hygiene aspects into account is advantageous. The use of contactless operating concepts additionally ensures absolutely hygienic operation of the lift. 

Direct transmission
from person to person

To ensure the recommended distances, the number of people in the cabin should be additionally limited. Likewise, good information about hygiene measures in front of and inside the cabin is necessary.



Marking for transparent assignment of products and solutions for different fields of application or application environments.
(based on the requirement categories A - D).


99.9 % germ-free / no exposure /

Hospitals, medical centres, care facilities

  • Increased risk of exposure to pathogens. 
  • Usual cleaning frequency: 
    Several times a day


Germ load reduced

Public facilities, authorities, local transport, kindergartens, schools, shopping centres, heavily frequented buildings, environment prone to pollution

  • High visitor frequency
  • Usual cleaning frequency:



Moderately frequented office or residential buildings with many users or tenants

  • Usual cleaning frequency:


kept up

Private lift in a single or multi-party building with up to 10 tenants

  • Usual cleaning frequency:
    weekly to monthly

schaefer hygiene devision


This UVC air steriliser was specially developed for
cabin air disinfection in lifts.



Foot operated buttons and fixtures 

Touchless operation via smartphone

UV cabin air disinfection

Disinfection dispenser

Germ load reducing 
Touch plate materials

VB 42 Class 3+
For systems with high cleaning intervals

Glass and V2A panels

Touchscreen operation

Cleaning and Maintenance for lifts

Anti-fingerprint coating

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